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No one needs to suffer with them any longer Candida fungal infections and parasites are the major cause of illness in prefix = st1 / today. It is estimated that over 75% of Americans suffer from some form of Candida/parasite infestation. This infection can 'mimic' over 80 different diseases that you really don't have. Candida albicans, a fungus naturally present on the skin and in the gut, grows in the intestinal tract harmlessly in balance with the normal flora until that "friendly" bacteria is reduced and compromised, allowing the candida to grow unimpeded. The majority of people who have Candida Yeast do not even realize they have it until they become seriously ill. It is estimated that over half of the worlds population has a moderate to serious Candida condition, due to the over use of antibiotics/drugs, birth control pills. There are many programs, books and products on the market, all promising either control or relief from Candida and its symptoms, BUT, why control it, when you can totally eradicate it! Our protocol is the ONLY answer to reversing the multiple problems associated with this serious illness, because Candida /parasites MUST be eradicated from your body meaning 'internally' throughout the blood stream, tissues and organs, which is why it is called a systemic mycoses, or internal fungal infection. Kamagra pills in Australia.

are the primary culprits of Candida/parasite infections today,  because of their overuse of prescription drugs, antibiotics, HRT,  and birth control pills, which destroys the 'good flora' in the intestines. Doctors will never admit that fungi, parasites, and mold can create any kind of health problems. When in fact, they cause very serious health problems, physically, emotionally, and neurologicaly. Candida is an incredible destroyer of health and is the main in many of our modern day diseases and sub-health conditions. Candida can mimic over 80 different diseases, that you really don't have! The fact that Candida can rob the body of its nutrition and poison the tissues with its toxins is a major contribution, directly or indirectly to the following list of possible serious conditions/symptoms: Drs can call it whatever they want. . .

insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety, lupus, mood swings, no sex drive, numbness/tingling sensations, cold hands/feet, ulcers, miscarriage, painful intercourse, false positive pap smears, lymphatic swelling, night sweets, memory loss, sensitive to dampness, mildew, humidity, perfumes, colognes and smoke, kidney infections, hypoglycemia, ear aches, itchy ears, to name a few, the name of the disease means NOTHING, it's all fungal related! for any kind of symptom you have. The first step is to get over that  "What has my dr done so far, to cure me of anything"? . Everyone has the right to take responsibility for their own health, just like they have the right to stay sick. A dr will look down your throat with his flashlight, SEE that you have a coated tongue, KNOW that you have a serious CANDIDA infection, but NEVER say anything to you about it,  because if he did, he would not be able to sell you anymore drugs. It's the drugs that have caused these severe fungal infestations, because drugs destroy the 'good flora' in the intestines, thus, allowing the 'bad flora' to Overuse of drugs/antibiotics. Prolonged use of Nystatin and Diflucan causes Candida to mutate to more difficult to treat strains such as Candida tropicalis and others.

Too much sugar, candies/sodas of all types, chemicals in food     Poor diet, too much carbohydrates, which turns into 'blood alcohol' In women excessive douching may also precipitate vaginal candidiasis. Bubble bath solutions are also a culprit, since they contain chemicals which damage the delicate vaginal membranes and alter the vaginal pH. Girls / women  of all ages, should never use bubble bath in the tub. "And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases". Plato Millions of Americans suffer from sinus problems. Symptoms such as post nasal drip, hay fever, runny nose, have become the plague of modern humanity. Defined as inflammation of the sinus cavities, sinusitis may be caused by a variety of factors. The most prominent causes are fungi, mold, food allergies, and infection.

More times than not it is a fungal or mold related. I have observed sinus congestion, fits of sneezing, coughing, and massive allergic attacks halted in a matter of minutes after using our protocols. The travesty is that drs don't believe that mold, fungi and parasites can cause any health problems, when in fact they can cause severe health problems, even death. Our will reverse any kind of sinus/allergy problems. The majority of vaginal and sinus yeast infections are caused by circulating toxins in the blood from the Candida feeding in the intestines. One of the most interesting observations about a yeast infection is the appearance of moveable symptoms. You may have a pain or discomfort or possibly a burning sensation somewhere in the lower or upper abdomen for a certain period of time such as a few minutes or even an hour or two. Then it will disappear and show up somewhere else in a different part of the body.

It might start in the stomach area or the shoulder or lower back or even in an arm or neck area. Then, a little later it will move to another place in the body and possibly keep moving from area to area. Then disappear completely, but only to reappear later after eating or may not come back until the next day. Candida symptoms to look for: Dark bags under the eyes, pinkness around each fingernail, coated tongue - usually a slimy white or yellowish coating on tongue, sores or redness around mouth called oral "thrush", vaginal sores and itching, fungus under fingernails & toenail, rashes that come and go and appear in different areas on the body, and gas & bloating. Candida likes to live in the vagina. They grow  well wherever it is warm, moist, and well supplied with their favorite nutrient----glucose. Skin and vaginal mucus contain glucose. dominance increases mucus glucose, thereby facilitating candida growth.

In males, candida can survive under the penis foreskin, sometimes causing an irritation, jock itch,  and sometimes causing no discernible symptoms for men. In sexual intercourse, candida are easily passed from one partner to the other. The conditions within the vagina are such that reinfection is probable. Candida are often found in the skin folds of the anus, from which they reinfect the vagina. On mucous membranes, candida form whitish patches visible to the eye. The patches do not scrape off easily and cause itching and irritation. In the mouths of babies and young children, candida infection is called    However, if our immune system is dysfunctional, candida overgrowth becomes rampant, infecting, the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, mouth, lungs and all the organs. Fungi are more highly developed than bacteria or viruses, they range from tiny round yeast spores to finger or string-like mycelial forms.

The number of fungal species implicated in human disease is around four hundred. A "mycoses" describes a fungal infection of either the skin , deeper tissues, or organs within the human body. It is abnormal for fungi to live inside the human body. Fungi are ubiquitous in nature and are saprophytic. This means that they survive by ingesting dead or decaying material. This accounts for the dietary cravings that men and women have when suffering from internal yeast and fungal overgrowth. Parasites are alive and must eat. Fungal parasites must have sugar in order to thrive.

So often we see people who eat very little, yet are extremely bloated, gaseous, and overweight. Most have numerous intestinal problems, including bloating, belching, gas, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, reflux or 'leaky gut'. The truth is that yeast, fungi, parasites, mold, can cause debilitating medical symptoms. The sad part is that gastroenterologists have absolutely no idea that there exists a fungal pathology in many cases of 'leaky gut', IBS, IBD, Crohn's disease, or Ulcerative fungal pathology in many cases of 'leaky gut', IBS, IBD, Crohn's disease, or Ulcerative colitis, etc. The fungus and parasites are contributing to the 'leaky gut' as they escape via and through the intestines. Natural Healing is not about "treating the disease", it's about eliminating the "CAUSE", then the body heals itself of the 'SYMPTOMS'. My experience seems to prove otherwise. By eliminating a pathogen (fungus) rather than  'treat a disease', simply by destroying the Candida/parasites, all the above bowel problems correct themselves.

Natural Healing is not about "treating the disease", it's about eliminating the "CAUSE", then the body heals itself of the 'SYMPTOMS'. Mercury amalgam dental fillings In some people,  but not everyone mercury fillings can poison the kidneys, brain, adrenal glands,  and liver. The best means of treatment is to remove the  mercury load from the body. Existing fillings should be removed and additional ones should be avoided. All mercury compounds are poisons. Toxicity many occur and symptoms of acute poisoning include: abdominal pain,  ongoing diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, respiratory distress, loss of sensation, loss of coordination, ongoing  headaches. "If the doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow, then the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow". Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, Many people who suffer with Fibromyalgia & CFS, MS, have many of the symptoms listed above.

They are unaware what serious effects Candida/parasites can have on your system. Over all body pain can come and go due to the fact that Candida/parasites secrete poisons, which will curl the nerve endings causing painful joints and muscles. Results have been nothing short of miraculous for many of our customers, they dramatically improve if they follow our protocols. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome might represent early or evolving Alzheimer's disease". The words (an opinion of a medical doctor in a medical journal I was reading) leaped off the page. Is chronic fatigue syndrome (and fibromyalgia that nearly always goes with it), evolving Alzheimer's disease in young people? Could there be a connection between fibromyalgia (FM)/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Alzheimer's disease (AD)? I offer the following as a testable hypothesis to be considered.

It is speculative but not without evidence. The primary thesis, if correct, may be life saving. I have reviewed more than a hundred articles on fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. What follows is one of few attempts to explain the cause of these new and mystifying diseases. Most articles say the cause is unknown and many say FM/CFS is incurable. I believe both statements are wrong. What is Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? CFS is also referred to as chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS).

Seven times as many women are afflicted as men. Both seem to be new diseases. We had neither disease 50 years ago. If FM/CFS did exist, they were not identified or named. The words are not even in the dictionary unless you have the latest edition. Now, the diseases are epidemic. According to the of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia affects 3 to 6 million Americans. Still many doctors debate whether there is such a disease because there are no widely recognized medical tests to identify either FM or CFS.

They are identified only by symptoms. A good argument could be made for the claim that we have created FM/CFS by naming them. It is reassuring for patients if drs put a name on their symptoms even if drs don't know the cause or what to do for them. Even if FM/CFS are just old diseases with new names, what follows still applies as to the possible cause and treatment. The following paragraph comes from the Internet website, WebMD. (1)"Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative disease of the brain from which there is no recovery. Slowly and inexorably, the disease attacks nerve cells in all parts of the cortex of the brain. .

. . About half of the people in nursing homes and almost half of all people over 85 have Alzheimer's disease. It is now the fourth leading cause of death in adults. Almost 2 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, and unless effective methods for prevention and treatment are developed, it will reach epidemic proportions by the middle of the next century, afflicting over 8 million people". Hypothesis: Possible Cause of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Alzheimer's  In addition to the "Hurt all over" and "Tired all the time" symptoms, almost all FM/CFS patients also have  "Difficulty concentrating," "Trouble thinking clearly,"  "Indecisive," "Confusion," "Memory disturbance," "Learning disability". If this isn't "early or evolving Alzheimer's disease," many of the symptoms are the same. Alzheimer's disease and  FM/CFS could be related and have a common cause.

As I thought about the possibility of fibromyalgia  and chronic fatigue syndrome being "Alzheimer's disease in young  people," the thought came to me, The cause could be aluminum from soft drinks in aluminum cans and aluminum from anti-perspirants". These are two of the dramatic life style differences between people today and 50 years ago. (Deodorants are ok. The problem is with the aluminum anti-perspirant included in nearly all deodorants, which stops perspiration. )  In the 1980's, aluminum ( ) was suspected to be one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease when aluminum of higher than normal amounts was found by autopsy in the brains of people who had died from Alzheimer's disease. To test the theory, animals were given large doses of aluminum in different forms. The experimental injection of aluminum into animals did cause neurofibrillary tangles in the brain but they were different than the neurofibrillary tangles seen in the brain of AD patients; therefore, the theory was discounted and abandoned. Although it is widely recognized that aluminum is a neurologic toxin, most experts today believe the excessive aluminum in the brain of AD patients is the effect of the disease and not the cause, or they believe the aluminum was not measured properly.

The claim that aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease is called an "urban legend" on the Internet. In Scientific American, an Alzheimer specialist answering the question, "Is Alzheimer's disease related to aluminum exposure"? called it a "myth". Ironically, in explaining how the myth got started,  the doctor still presents evidence linking aluminum to AD. Other scientists have published new research in peer review scientific journals, that still support the belief that aluminum may be one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. The challenge is to discover or prove what makes the aluminum deposit in the brain. Theories have been proposed and compelling evidence offered to explain the mechanism of why and how aluminum deposits form in the brain. To understand my theory of how aluminum, from soft drinks and anti-perspirants, may be one of the  causes of both AD and FM/CFS, one needs to learn about the function of the skin.

We usually think of the skin as just something that holds us together, but the skin is a very complex organ that performs an astounding number of functions. It is the largest organ in the body. Within a single square inch of skin are approximately 19 million cells, including 650 sweat glands, 100 sebum or oil glands, 65 hair follicles, 19,000 sensory cells and as much as 13 feet of microscopic blood vessels. The skin helps regulate blood pressure, protects us from heat and cold, and also protects the body from harmful bacteria. The skin absorbs oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide, manufactures vitamin D and a myriad of complex chemicals to protect and keep us well. The skin is also an organ of elimination through perspiration/respiration. The four organs of elimination are the bowels, kidneys, lungs, and skin. If we understand the elimination function of the skin, the very word "anti-perspirant" should give us concern.

Would we take into our body or use anything called "anti-bowel movement" to prevent elimination because our feces smells bad? Would we take or use anything called "anti-urination" to keep us from voiding because the smell of urine is unpleasant? Last of all, would we take or use anything called "anti-breathing" to prevent bad breath? Using an anti-perspirant makes as much sense! Remember, deodorant is not the suspected culprit. The anti-perspirant (aluminum) that is added to almost all deodorants is the problem. I believe if you put anti-perspirant on your entire body, thereby stopping the respiration/perspiration elimination functions of the skin, you would get ill in a short time. You wouldn't need to wait for FM/CFS or AD to develop.

It is true that the amount of toxins eliminated by the skin is small compared to the other organs of elimination. Still, it seems the importance of the elimination/respiration functions of the skin has never been adequately investigated. Just as the kidneys cannot do the job of the bowels or lungs, the other organs of elimination cannot replace or do what the skin does. A reason for saying that an anti-perspirant on the entire body would make you ill comes from the James Bond motion picture, Gold Finger . Many patients have told me that the gold paint on the body of the actor, could only be left on for a short time because to leave the paint on for more than an hour or two would cause death;  the cause of death being blockage of the respiration/elimination functions of the skin or a type of suffocation. The skin takes in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide much like the lungs. The function of perspiration is not only to cool us but also to eliminate toxic elements from the body, mostly from under the arms. The smell is evidence of that fact.

When the elimination of those toxic elements (though the amounts are small) is stopped by the absorption of aluminum in anti-perspirants along with aluminum from other sources, the result, I believe, is fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. Any other mineral, chemical, or stone that claims to stop perspiration would also be harmful because toxins would not be eliminated. It is OK to use a deodorant but if it says "anti-perspirant" it should be discarded. If perspiration gives you a bad odor, you should get down on your knees and thank god that your skin has eliminated the toxins that cause the smell. Incidentally, it is an observable fact that vegetarians have less body odor than heavy meat eaters. Fifty years ago plastic shield and/or a pad under their arms to protect their clothes and powder or cornstarch to absorb the sweat, plus fragrances to cover up the smell. We didn't have anti-perspirants and it seemed no one had fatigue and/or unrelenting pain (which was not arthritic) in their entire body severe enough to render them completely non-functional. In the "olden days" some 50 years ago, there were no soft drinks in aluminum cans.

Soft drinks came only in returnable, refillable glass bottles or in a frosted glass mug from the local A&W fast food drive-in. (I know this as a fact because as a boy I made my spending money by finding the beer and soft drink bottles that had been discarded and taking them back to the store for the deposit. )  Other than a few people who were addicted to Coca Cola from glass bottles, there was not the widespread every day use of soft drinks and the apparent addiction to soft drinks that we see today in almost all teenagers and young people - the FM/CFS generation. Do people get FM/CFS symptoms who do not use anti-perspirants? The answer is Yes. The same symptoms can be caused by dehydration and/or lack of essential minerals which is much easier to correct. In most patients the symptoms described are a combination of the two. Do all people who use anti-perspirants get FM/CFS.

The answer is No. It is a question of how effectively the body can eliminate the aluminum it takes in. Health food people have told us for fifty years not to use aluminum cookware, not to use baking powder that contains aluminum, and more recently, not to use antacids containing aluminum, or consume soft drinks from aluminum cans. I believe the amount of aluminum that goes into the tissues from such sources is minimal compared to giving yourself a big dose under the arms every morning - a dose that is absorbed directly into the muscles, ligaments, and tendons - the fibrous tissues in the body where fibromyalgia is manifest. Most of the aluminum that is consumed orally is eliminated. You may absorb and retain as much aluminum from one application of an anti-perspirant as you would from using aluminum cookware for a lifetime. There is no experimental evidence that aluminum in anti-perspirants is one of the causes of FM/CFS. I present my theory here only as a hypothesis to be considered.

We don't need to guess how the deodorant companies, soft drink manufactures, and fluoride proponents will respond. Those with FM/CFS can try the suggestions below and find out for themselves. It will cost nothing. Experience has shown that avoiding aluminum may help FM/CFS within weeks. I now conclude with the question that started this all, "Is fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease in young people? And could there be a connection between FM/CFS and AD? If I am correct about aluminum being one of the causes of both diseases, the consequences are staggering. We would expect to see, as the anti-perspirant/soft drink/fluoride in the drinking water (and almost all tooth paste) generation ages, an epidemic of Alzheimer's like the world has never known.

It not only portends terrible things to come but conversely offers hope of preventing one of the most tragic of all diseases (AD) and sparing others from the disabling effects of FM/CFS. If I am wrong, there are still plenty of reasons to avoid aluminum. As far as I know, no one has ever presented evidence that aluminum in any amount is good for the health of trees, plants, animals, or humans. Most just say that aluminum in small amounts does no harm. NO ONE EVEN ARGUES THAT ALUMINUM, in any amount, IS BENEFICIAL. Innumerable articles and studies claim aluminum is or may be harmful to the body. , before the discovery that aluminum would stop perspiration, women wore a If you believe that aluminum could be one of the causes of FM/CFS or don't want to take a chance, the take home message is:  You may be able to prevent and/or reverse the effects of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative diseases by doing the following: 1. DON'T USE ANTI-PERSPIRANTS.

A deodorant that is not also an anti-perspirant is OK,  if you can find one. Avalon makes one and they sell it at the 's Pharmacy. 2. DON'T DRINK SOFT DRINKS FROM ALUMINUM CANS. Better still, don't drink them at all. Fruit Juice, beer, tomatoes and tomato juice from aluminum cans should also be avoided. 3. DON'T USE ANTACIDS WITH ALUMINUM.

Individuals on antacid therapy may consume up to 3,000 mg of aluminum per day. 4. DON'T USE BAKING POWDER CONTAINING ALUMINUM, or eat foods cooked with such baking powder. Virtually all commercially baked products, except for bread that uses yeast as a leavening, are baked using baking powder that contains aluminum. The two common brands of baking powder in your grocery store both contain aluminum. You can buy "Rumford Baking Powder" in the health food store that does not have aluminum. 5. DON'T DRINK YOUR TAP WATER unless the chlorine and aluminum have been removed.

Aluminum is added to most municipal drinking water systems as a clearing agent. Remember, the World Health Organization recommends that the amount of aluminum present in drinking water be below 200 micrograms per liter. McLachlan estimates that, "Between 15,180 and 26,910 of the estimated 66,000 to 117,000 cases of Alzheimer's might have been prevented if the aluminum concentration in the municipal water supply had been kept below 100 micrograms per liter". 6. DON'T DRINK FLUORIDATED WATER OR USE FLUORIDE TOOTH PASTE. Fluoride is an antagonist of aluminum and will replace aluminum. Fluoridated water, in the recommended amount to prevent cavities, doubled the amount of aluminum deposited in the brain of rats. Personally I brush my teeth with our pure MSM powder, makes the teeth whiter and keeps your mouth and gums healthy.

7. DON'T USE BUFFERED ASPIRIN (if it contains aluminum) OR OTHER MEDICATIONS THAT CONTAIN ALUMINUM. The best buffer for aspirin is ½ teaspoon of baking soda which is highly alkaline. Completely dissolve an uncoated aspirin and the baking soda in a glass of water before taking. 8. MALIC ACID TO TREAT FM/CFS MAY CAUSE THE ALUMINUM TO DEPOSIT IN THE BRAIN. There are dozens of Internet sites and a book that recommend malic acid to treat fibromyalgia. Experimental evidence has shown that it may be helpful - but if it takes aluminum out of the muscle tissue and deposits it in the organs and brain, is it worth the relief it gives?

9. In addition to aluminum, ALCOHOL, FAT, REFINED CARBOHYDRATES (SUGAR), AND TABLE SALT ARE HIGH RISK FACTORS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. They may also be risk factors for FM/CFS. 10. In addition, not using anti-perspirants the single most important thing you can do. Spraying your underarms with CS/MSM solution will destroy bacteria. CS/MSM are part of the protocol I recommend for the Candida/Parasite infestation. Since it would be impossible to remember the acidity or alkalinity of all foods, we will list here some common foods, the best and worst in each category.

For Aluminum detoxification, remember:  Most Alkaline is best. (Foods on the left of the chart are the best becoming less and less desirable as you move to the right. ) Most Acid is least desirable. Our hypothetical BEST MEAL EVER would be:  Cold water fish (salmon, halibut, cod, trout) or venison, baked with olive oil, seasoned with REAL SALT (ie, www. realsalt.com or visit HEB, they have Sea Salt), pepper, and fresh lime juice; baked yams seasoned with real butter and REAL SALT; steam distilled water or milk as a beverage. (Stirring a teaspoon of Grandmas' Molasses into a glass of milk makes it even better. Try it you'll love it. It is a wonderful substitute for chocolate milk and tastes almost as good.

)  Dessert could be fresh nectarines, raspberries, watermelon, tangerine, or pineapple with cultured yogurt. The hypothetical WORST MEAL would be:  Fried beef (hamburger or steak) with a slice of processed cheese, white bread or bun with margarine; french fries; caffeinated soft drink or beer; chocolate ice cream and a chocolate brownie with walnuts for desert; coffee with sugar; and a cigarette to finish the meal (or you) off. in the January 1995 issue of The Townsend letter for Doctors, 19 doctors wrote that a condition known as candidiasis, (from the yeast Candida albicans) found evidence that 'mycotoxins' secreted by the candida/parasites, caused rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. O. Truss, M.D., one of the authors, explained that fungus may play the leading role in symptoms and diseases such as allergies, gastrointestinal and bladder problems, fatigue, weight gain, and even "brain symptoms" like headaches, poor concentration, and irritability. Fungi can cause several different types of arthritis by infecting joints directly, usually spreading via the blood from the primary infection (e. g. , the lungs or intestines), by giving off "mycotoxins" which are fungal poisons. Since antibiotics are "mycotoxins" we can understand and now define compromised immunity as applying to anyone who has ever taken an antibiotic.

Many people suffer for years with Candida related symptoms, all because they are misdiagnosed by so many medical doctors who are totally "clue less" to the on-going infections that Candida/parasites create. All they know how to do is treat the 'symptoms' instead of getting rid of  the 'cause', by masking the real problems with drugs. It's the doctors/drugs who are the real culprits in Candida infections. another so called "cause" of asthma, you may have been told, is reflux. That is reflux of acid from the stomach up the esophagus and back down into the lungs, causing irritation of the lining of the bronchioles. The most common cause of Candida albicans bronchopneumonia is from aspiration of oral secretions or stomach fluids while sleeping. Imagine large amounts of yeast sneaking in along with the acid, causing lung irritation. We should not even have to answer the question of asthma and acid reflux.

fungi produce chemicals called mycotoxins . These are chemicals that are released from living fungi for the purpose of killing or harming other organisms that may be competing with the fungus for nutrients. Just the candida species alone, has been demonstrated to have nearly 100 distinctly different powerful toxins (poisons) that have a specific impact on the human body. Some attack nervous tissue, some attack muscle, others attack connective tissues such as bone and joint tissue. Antibiotics are classic mycotoxins, designed and produced by fungi for killing bacteria. Alcohol is another mycotoxin. Mold creates a very serious mycotoxin. To prepare you for the basic self-help pain relief techniques, you need to understand the cause of most pain in detail.

Most all pain is caused from lack of oxygen. Medical research states that unoxygenated blood cannot relieve pain. Example: As you sit on a hard chair for a while, you will come to know this is true. Your natural impulses tell you to move around, and as you do, the oxygenated blood comes in and helps take the pain away. To help understand the lack of oxygen and pain at the cell level, you need to know how the cells get the oxygen via the lymphatic system. Most people don't realize that the human body is an 'electrical being'. Every cell in your body has what is called a 'sodium potassium pump'(power plant). This pump regulates the amount of oxygen and nutrients into the cell, which creates  electrical energy, thus giving you 'power'.

POWER is required to make the eyes work, brain work, spine/joints work, muscles work, lungs work, heart beat, and all the other organs and parts of the body have the POWER to function properly. Most people who are 'shallow breathers', have oxygen poor blood. Many people I council use 1/2 or less of their lung capacity, taking in fresh oxygen. When these cells get surrounded with fluid and trapped blood proteins (i. e. , bacteria, virus, fungi) the cells then shut down, which starts the process of pain, infection, disease and death. We have a new simple 'Deep Breathing Technique' that will make sure you keep the maximum amount of oxygen in your blood stream. This technique forces oxygen into the cells throughout your body, fires up the 'power plants', thus removing trapped blood proteins (toxins) away from the cells, regenerates the cell and removes pain.

Learn how addictions, allergies, anxiety, asthma, bad memory, cancer, chest pains, depression, fatigue, forget to breathe, holding breath a lot, low sex drive, overweight, panic attacks, phobias, poor voice quality, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping ALL may be caused or worsened by the way you breathe. We have NOT been told the truth about Cancer! Cancer is NOT a disease, it is a normally occurring process in everyone's cells. Cancer is a "symptom" of an 'inefficient immune system'. Not only is PAIN due to the lack of 'oxygen', but lack of oxygen is also the cause of CANCER. This has been proven by Dr. Otto Warburg at the Max Planck Institute for Nutritional Research in . He is a Nobel Prize winner. He has taken perfectly healthy cells, and has withdrawn oxygen from those cells, and they turn cancerous every single time.

Glucose combined with oxygen produces the energy needed for healthy cells,  (in Dr. West's book he explains the best way to keep plenty of glucose in your cells). Without oxygen, the glucose will ferment. Cancer cells live on the fermentation of glucose due to the lack of oxygen. Trapped plasma proteins is what causes fluid retention and lack of oxygen at the cell level. Blocked oxidation and toxic substances in the body is the prime cause of malignant, viral, bacterial and allergic diseases. White blood cells can destroy cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria, but in excess fluid and lack of oxygen, the white blood cells cannot function. Cancer is also a "hot spot". To understand how trapped blood proteins cause a hotspot, is greatly explained in Dr. West's book.

His book also teaches you WHY the  works so well on the lymphatic system, to remove trapped blood proteins which cause pain, infection, disease and death. That is why we recommend VIBE. Eniva's Solutomic technology is cell-ready. It enters into the cell because it is water-soluble, and then provides life-giving, ionic mineral nutrition to the starved cells -- allowing proper repair and function to take place. SEE THE EFFECTS OF VIBE IN THE BLOOD ONLY TEN MINUTES AFTER CONSUMING THE PRODUCT. Your body needs the best nutritionally dense vitamins/minerals for optimal health! DO THE 3 DAY DIET WITH VIBE! "Let food be thy medicine and "Our body is designed to take care of itself and to heal itself, thus, the importance of looking for, and getting rid of the 'CAUSE'.

Get rid of the CAUSE, then the body heals itself NATURALLY of the symptoms". A Lymphologist looks at the WHOLE body, not at any one particular part. Pain, infection and disease affects the WHOLE body. "Leaky Gut" is generally associated with severe Candida infections, caused by a parasite called 'giardiasis'. This parasite is  essentially boring holes into the intestinal membranes, causing fungi and food particles to escape or 'leak' through holes in the gut. The body tags these particles as foreign invaders and produces antibodies to attack them. When the particles are food, the body will then identify these foods as foreign and an allergic reaction results whenever that food is eaten. When this occurs, the antibodies can inadvertently attack not only the particles but also the tissues into which they have settled which sets up a chronic inflammatory process.

Autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis can be a result of Leaky Gut Syndrome if antibodies are attacking particles that have settled in the joints, nerves, and other organs. Left untreated, damage to the intestinal wall can be extensive, leading to infection of the gut, and malasorption of nutrients. This is because when the parasites invade the intestinal lining, they damage the absorptive surface, which leads to extensive nutritional deficiency, and  further complicates the disease. Not only can this organism infect the lining of the digestive tract, it can also invade the liver. When the digestive system is ill, the whole body is ill. Symptoms can include food allergies, irritability, attention deficit, uncontrollable behavior, headaches, fatigue, leading to a variety of diseases including, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, asthma, food allergy , hepatitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder, irritable bowel syndrome,  crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, esophagitis, and bleeding ulcer. This is a stubborn organism and must be destroyed while healing up the holes, in order to promote the  absorption of nutrients. To heal up the holes in the intestine, we specifically recommend 'psyllium hulls' or 'slippery elm' as a good sources of this type of fiber, which greatly assist in sealing up the "leaky gut".

These are found in health food stores and we find that the powder form works best. Psyllium, being a non-digestible fiber, is known to bind fungal poisons (mycotoxins). If you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), you may take psyllium, but do not take a brand of psyllium hulls that contains licorice, which can elevate blood pressure if taken regularly. Dosage:  take 1 heaping tablespoon of psyllium hulls or slippery elm around each day,  and again just before going to bed. Mix in 4 ounces of steam distilled water, shake w and again just before going to bed. Mix in 4 ounces of steam distilled water, shake well and drink quickly. It is important to drink plenty of clean steam distilled water, we recommend no less that 2 quarts or more daily. If you wish, you can order the HFB from me and use it with 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of grape juice then follow with one full glass of water.

We highly recommend taking our 'Magnesium Citrate', because your body is greatly depleted of magnesium, and this will take care of any constipation problems. I already forwarded the information to you. Next:  follow our protocol for destroying these fungal pathogens. "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency". Yes, we all know that these three have been in bed together for a . Think 50 years back in time with me. Didn't four out of five doctors smoke Camels in 1948? Didn't we respect doctors enough to know that since they were medically trained, they Today folks, it is likely that four out of five doctors prescribe antibiotics for their family members and their patients.

No, doctors don't smoke anymore (or they shouldn't); but you must understand that today's medical schools receive millions of dollars in financial assistance not from the tobacco industry but rather from the pharmaceutical industry. Where then, are the 'medical institutions' loyalties today? Please think about this next time you are handed a prescription following a brief medical exam. Is this the really best thing you can do for your medical condition, or was your doctor's medical training biased? When we finally comprehend the biases involved and the negative impact that many pharmaceutical drugs have on our health, the field of medicine will begin to change. I'm certain that the power of an aroused public will have an impact on the very industry that received millions of dollars of very questionable grants and gifts, just as it did 50 years ago. . .

know what was necessary for optimum health. Now this same profession is involved in litigation with the cigarette industry for something that their peers actively condoned a few decades ago! Today folks, it is likely that four out of five doctors prescribe antibiotics for their family members and their patients. No, doctors don't smoke anymore (or they shouldn't); but you must understand that today's medical schools receive millions of dollars in financial assistance not from the tobacco industry but rather from the pharmaceutical industry. Where then, are the 'medical institutions' loyalties today? Please think about this next time you are handed a prescription following a brief medical exam. Is this the really best thing you can do for your medical condition, or was your doctor's medical training biased? When we finally comprehend the biases involved and the negative impact that many pharmaceutical drugs have on our health, the field of medicine will begin to change.

I'm certain that the power of an aroused public will have an impact on the very industry that received millions of dollars of very questionable grants and gifts, just as it did 50 years ago. . . Doctors KILL more people than guns and traffic accidents combined! ! "The top five causes of death in the United States, in order, are tobacco, alcohol, medical malpractice,    traffic and firearms. According to JAMA, doctors kill more people than auto accidents and guns. With that in mind, one has to wonder why gun control is such a hot legislative issue when,  perhaps, we should be more concerned about doctor control.

"And God said, behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth,  and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat". Genesis 1:29 And CODEX said, "Behold, we have more power on earth than God. Therefore, possession of any medicinal herb bearing seed, which IS upon the face of all the earth, shall be a crime punishable by a fine, imprisonment or both unless it can be patented by pharmaceutical companies and sold at obscene profits". BS "The FDA 'protects' the big drug companies and are subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers and they attack those who threaten the big drug companies". People think that the FDA is protecting them. It isn't! What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day". Dr. Herbert Ley, former FDA Commissioner Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil; our great hope lies in developing what is good.

-- Calvin Coolidge body to take in FOOD, not chemicals! Understanding the difference between 'allergy' and 'intolerance' or 'sensitivity'. Intolerance like allergy, happens when the body's immune system overreacts, but the process is slower and the symptoms not so obvious. With allergy the response is often quick and noticeable immediately or at least within hours, and always within 72 hours. If your child is allergic to a cat for instance, you will probably be able to tell that there is a cat in the room (or even a cat that has been in the room) because your child's eyes and nose will start to run within minutes. In contrast, an intolerance' can take months, even years to develop. Intolerance is not only slower, but more difficult to diagnose. Intolerance's may be an ingredient in food, which directly harms or irritates the body, such as gluten in cereals, proteins in cheese and dairy products, food additives which cause hyperactivity, chemicals or detergents, caffeine in coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate.

Our experience has proven that most children's allergies are fungi, mold and parasite related. Doctors regard allergies, intolerance, an sensitivities,  with much more skepticism, because they don't believe that fungi, mold, parasites can cause any health problems, when in fact they will cause serious health problems if left untreated. "Listen to your body, if you eat, drink, smell something that causes you headaches, upset stomach, body aches, or upsets you in any way,  don't put that product into your body anymore. You body is telling you "don't give that to me anymore, that is poison to me" . It's always a good idea to keep a journal of things that upset your system so you have something to refer to. This is the greatest epidemic affecting American Children. It is the main reason for childhood visits to doctors. Ironically, ear infections are entirely preventable.

The way ear i antibiotics. The fact that antibiotics are overused is no secret to the medical profession. According to Dr. James Hughes of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) of the 110 million antibiotic prescriptions written yearly, most are unnecessary. True, ears do become infected with bacteria and fungi, but usually the damage is precipitated by other causes, which are rarely if ever addressed. Allergic reactions to foods or perhaps viral respiratory are more likely the direct cause than bacterial infection. In other words, the bacterial infections are secondary to allergy and viruses. Here is how this works. When food allergy reactions occur the mucous membranes of the sinuses become inflamed.

This leads to blockage of a drainage duct known as the Eustachian tube. When this tube becomes inflamed it may collapse leading to the accumulation of fluid/secretions in the middle ear. The secretions feed the growth of microbes, and potentially serious infections result. The same situation results from viral infections. Deficiencies of a variety of nutrients may lead to ear infections. Children who develop repeated ear infections are usually severely deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, essential fatty acids EFA 3, 6 and 9, and selenium. Boosting the body levels of these nutrients increases the resistance against ear infections. Usually, when a child is diagnosed with earaches or middle ear infections, nothing is done to resolve the nutritional deficiencies: certainly, few if any dietary alterations are made.

Rather, repeated dosages of antibiotics are administered, which not only fail to cure the infections, but also actually increase the likelihood of future infections/candida proliferation. An article in the Archives of Otolaryngology describes how children who were aggressively treated with antibiotics at the beginning of an ear infection were nearly 300% more likely to develop recurrent infections that those not treated at all. what's more, pediatric experts know that the placement of tubes does little or no good. Unfortunately, this procedure is largely motivated by financial reasons alone rather than any potential for cure. Long term antibiotic usage in children leads yet to another problem:  a variety of infections by antibiotic resistant microbes, particularly Candida albicans. The frequency of recurrence was almost three times greater than those who received no antibiotics. If physicians waited at least eight days before prescribing the antibiotics, the ear infections resolved as quickly as in the children who had been given no antibiotics. It is virtually assured that any child who has undergone repeated treatment with antibiotics has a moderate to severe Candida infestation, and Candida can infect the ear, both inside and out.

This may be manifested by a wide range of symptoms, including attention deficit, mood swings, depression, irritability, colic, constipation, rash, foul odor, uncontrollable sugar cravings, fatigue, bloating, sinus problems, and frequent infections. Children are highly vulnerable to the toxic effects of antibiotics, and, because of their immature immune systems, they readily develop yeast infections. In children who have taken numerous prescriptions of antibiotics and who still have ear infections, Candida infection of the ear should be suspected. Usually, if the ear is infected by the yeast or parasites, the rest of the body is also infected. We have a proven protocol that works great and will teach you how to keep your child from having ear infections and how to eliminate Candida & parasites from your  child's system. Doctors are also clueless and unaware that intestinal fungus/parasites can mimic serious intestinal disorders in children. An overgrowth of the yeast organism Candida albicans can cause a "leaky gut syndrome", by making 'holes' in the walls of the gut, which is the cause of many allergies. A Leaky Gut Syndrome is caused by foods that have not been digested fully, allowing larger particles to be 'sieved out' into the blood stream, creating a number of symptoms ranging from bloating, belching, intestinal gas, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and esophageal reflux, mood swings, foggy thinking, aggression, sleepiness and hyperactivity, to name a few.

The most common problem of the gut I see is an overgrowth of yeast caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Most of the children I see have been placed on multiple rounds of antibiotics for recurring respiratory and ear infections since an early age. Even though they are not taking antibiotics currently, the yeast overgrowth from the previous use is still present in the intestinal tract. Children's immune systems are not even fully developed until after the age of 3 years old. A single round of antibiotics can destroy the intestinal flora in small children. In the case of ADD / ADHD, there has never been a diagnostic test which locates a chemical or biological root cause for the so-called disorder. That means there is no proof that ADD/ADHD, as a distinct clinical condition, exists. Most children  we see for attention and behavioral symptoms have had chronic ear and respiratory infections since they were very young.

It's proven time and time again that the sooner these children with ear infections were given antibiotics, the longer the infections lasted and the more often they recurred. "Well, my son definitely has a problem. He can't sit still, he wanders all over the classroom, he talks out of turn, he can't concentrate. So don't tell me ADHD doesn't exist". I get this all the time, and all the time I point out: having problems is real, but that doesn't mean ADHD is real. Here is a partial list of factors that can cause a child to have these "ADHD problems": chemicals and dyes in food, excess sugar intake, fungal infections, vaccines, med drugs, heavy metals, poor teaching, failure to grasp basic subjects (e,g. , reading), head injuries, parents who aren't home, parents who don't care, unsafe schools, street drugs, poor nutrition. Attention Deficit Disorder is one of the worlds most disconcerting illnesses, plaguing children as well as adults.

Why, because we live in a 'toxic society'. Fifty years ago the food didn't have carcinogens in it, and neither did the water, nor the air. So what have we done? We've killed the air, killed the water, killed the food, so what's left? Nationwide in the water we drink, over 2,100 organic and inorganic chemicals have been identified, and 156 of them are pure carcinogens. Of those, if you have a tumor, 26 are tumor promoting, so they make the tumor larger. But of course this information is kept from and not made available to the public. So it is now easy to understand why poor diet and food allergies play a major role.

Too much junk food causes a nutritional deficiency. Poor diet leads to nutritional imbalances/deficiencies, and is the PRIMARY cause of ADD. The constant intake of nutrient-defective foods and/or refined sugar weakens the system, leading to a wide range of mental and physical symptoms. Chemicals in food, like food dyes, MSG, sulfites and NutraSweet, greatly aggravate the problem. Drinking tap water or well water, is loaded with bacteria, virus, fungus,  and many parasites you don't even want to know about! Years of study in abnormal brain reactions caused by food and fungi has created 'known' facts. Lets evaluate how the brain might react to extraneous factors, say, fungal organisms. Scientific literature speaks about  'meningeal fungi'.

The meninges are the three coatings of the brain and spinal cord. Since it is well documented that fungi can enter the blood stream, it is logical that these fungi can impregnate virtually any tissues in the body , including the meningeal tissues. A medical textbook entitled 'Medical Mycology' has an entire chapter relating to fungal meningitis, which means an "inflammation of the meninges". And what caused the meninges to swell. . . . .

. fungus! Again, it's easy to understand that doctors can call it ADD or ADHD, it's all fungal related. "The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease". THOMAS A. EDISON Fungi play a leading roll in weight gain and the inability to lose weight. Again it must be understood that fungal parasites MUST HAVE SUGAR to survive! People who have fungal infections crave potatoes, pasta, sodas, bread and sugars and 'these are the very foods that fungi must have in order to thrive'. It is very likely that the few foods you are eating are precisely the wrong ones.

What about vegetarian diets? Remember, that fungi love tofu, breads, beans, and rice, but they DON'T like meat. So many people we counsel tell us that they eat a healthy vegetarian diet but feel miserable. Question: "Healthy for whom"? Are you thriving, or is the fungus inside of you thriving? From day one, depending on how badly we all abused our bodies with drugs/antibiotics, alcohol, and sugars. The bodies cells become congested with all these toxins, food no longer digests properly, and your cells will not assimilate vitamins/minerals, then, carbohydrates turn into fat and you gain weight. Thus, the key is to clean up the bodys cells, get rid of the fungi, which is causing the sugar cravings, then you will lose weight.

The Cause of Obesity. . . Infection, bacteria, fungi, mold, are all called 'blood proteins'. Blood proteins can cause fluid retention of 3,6,9,12, 15 gallons or more, which is weight gain of 24, 48, 72, 96 or more pounds. You can blow up some ballons easier than you can others; and we believe some peoples bodies are the same way. I believe that some people, for one reason or other, have a loose cellular structure. Just a small amount of 'trapped blood proteins' in their body will cause them to blow up like a balloon.

Our protocols have been nothing short of miraculous for many customers. Many have suffered for years with weight gain, and have dramatically lost weight following our treatment protocol. Every day our bodies are bombarded with a sea of antigens. These antigens include dangerous environmental invaders such as viruses, antibiotic resistant bacteria, abnormal cells, fungi/parasites, mold, chemical pollutants and other synthetic poisons threatening our bodies. We are able to survive periodic assaults on our health and life from these antigens because of our immune system. The key to maintaining optimal health begins with a better understanding of the human body's cellular processes. The human immune system is a synergistic interaction between cells, molecules and fluids in the body. When the body is in good health, all biological systems are working effectively together.

When the body is threatened, the immune system is activated to help restore health. The tissues of the body which comprise bones, flesh an organs excrete waste products as a result of their daily work. These must be quickly removed, or the tissues/cells involved will suffer damage. The cleansing process of the body is performed by a mechanism that is called 'lymphatic circulation'. The Lymphatic system consists mainly of lymphatic vessels and structures or organs containing lymphatic tissues. Lymph is a thick colorless fluid. Some of its functions are to carry oxygen and nutrients and to distribute germ fighting white blood cells. Lymphatic vessels transport the lymph to the different parts of the body.

Along the larger lymphatic vessels there are small kidney shaped structures that are the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the blood in order to help prevent bacteria and other pathogens from traveling through the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes are areas of high immunological activity. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping blood proteins, poisons, and toxic waste out of the body and purify the blood stream. We also provide a self-help program, with techniques to teach you how to keep the lymphatic system working properly, which will keep you free of pain and disease. "It is said that for every ailment on the earth there is a natural remedy. Therefore, there is no such thing as an incurable disease, although there are patients who cannot be healed when they refuse to obey the laws of nature". You may notice your cat or dog outside chewing on a blade of grass.

What their doing is trying to get the MSM off the leaves. Most all pets love MSM. Like humans, animals must have a sufficient amount of pure MSM in their diet, to help their body function properly. We can help you reverse the effects of hip dysplasia, arthritis, skin growths, hair loss, fungus, and other maladies with MSM. Pure MSM is known to turn malignant cells into non-malignant cells. We have  a terrific free cassette tape, that comes with your initial order of MSM, explaining the wonderful results you and your pets will get from Pure Lignisul MSM. Our MHVAC Colloidal silver will keep them bullet proof from bacteria and mold infections. Many people have parasite/worm problems which can all be corrected Naturally.

In my opinion vets are just like drs,  always suppressing the ailment or infection with dangerous drugs, which do nothing but destroy the animals immune system and liver, causing further health problems. The truth is, its all about 'nutrition', and giving the body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. Recent research shows that a Candida infection can mimic over 80 different diseases that you don't really have. The poisons that the fungi secrete can cause the nerves to curl, causing a great deal of pain and aggravation for Fibromyalgia and CFS sufferers. Due to their ignorance to the facts,  Doctors can do to cure anyone with Candida, and many other systemic infections, but yet, they continue giving people more and more antibiotics, drugs and creams, which 'feeds' the Candida/parasites and makes them grow even faster. Over the past 50 years we have all been brainwashed over 'drugs' and the reality is that,  DOCTORS DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS! Doctors are not in the business of 'curing' people, they want to 'maintain' people and keep you marginally healthy, so they can keep the cash-cow flowing! And yet, because this is all powered by $$$$$$, doctors ONLY know what the drug companies want them to know, with no regard to the enormous toxins and side effects of ALL drugs.

Drugs never 'CURED'   anybody of ANYTHING , all they do is treat the 'SYMPTOMS' . There is always virulent pathogens hiding deep inside your body,  waiting for the right time to come back out again when your immune system is weakened. Our MHVAC Colloidal Silver & MSM goes after the 'CAUSE'   Get rid of the CAUSE then you don't have to worry about the 'symptoms' anymore. Toxins cause a great deal of  joint and muscle pain, CS destroys the infections and Pure Lignisul MSM, pulls the toxins from the cells, detoxifies the body, and aids in the production of good programed cells. You have to ask yourself: "When was the last time my doctor cured me of anything"? It's time people got off this "There is nothing man can do, that God and Nature has already done, to keep us healthy from infection and disease, naturally". Your body needs the best nutritionally dense vits/minerals for optimal health! Get the very best nutrition in liquid form!

"Let food be thy medicine and We can help you reverse your systemic infection, body aches, whatever your symptoms are. Call me, Diana Alejos. I am the contact person in our area. Copy and paste and answer the protocol questionnaire below and forward it to me by email to DianAlejos@aol.com. I will review the information and if I have to forward it to my mentor, I will. We will send you the individualized recommendations for your health issues. You decide whether you wish to follow through. Remember that you must take responsibility for YOUR health.

Please let them know Diana Alejos is your sponsor ID# Everybody's symptoms are different. I need to know more about your condition/symptoms, so we can suggest a protocol for you that has helped thousands of our customers. Please copy and paste, answer the following questions, then email back to me: 1) How long has it been, or are you currently using any antibiotics / meds / HRT/ birth control pills, diuretics? 2) Have you been tested for Candida/Parasites, what kind of test did they do? 3) Any external rashes, sores on mouth, itching hands or feet, discharge? 4) Take a flash light and look down your throat in a mirror, does your tongue have a white/yellow coating on it? 5) What kind of pains are you having, and where? From surgery, chest pains, shoulder pain?

6) Do you know of any mold problems in your home? 7) What kind of water are you drinking? 8) Are you taking Acidophilus? No Do you have any digestive problems / IBS / leaky gut? 9) Do you crave sugars, what kind do you eat? 10) Do you suffer with Fatigue, or list any other symptoms you are going through? 11) Do you have a problem with blood sugar or high blood pressure. Are you diabetic if so what type?

12) Are there any white spots under your fingernails? 13) Are you currently using Colloidal Silver or MSM? 14) What vitamins/minerals are you taking? 15) If you were diagnosed with fibromyaliga, who diagnosed you? 16) Have you ever had a staph or strep infection? 17) Do you have a problem with urinating or bowel movements? 18) If you were diagnosed with cancer, what type and when, and have you had chemotherapy? 19) Are you under weight, over weight?

How much weight would you like to lose? 21) How did you hear about 'Healthy Alternatives for YOU'? 22) Do you live in the So we can communicate better, please leave your name, phone number and email address: All information is kept strictly confidential and no email addresses are given out to anyone for any purpose. I look forward to helping you get back to optimal health,   Please let them know Diana Alejos is your sponsor ID# Information contained herein has been reprinted with permission from Dr. R. Newman, CL. He has inspired me to help others who also have compromised immune systtems. Special thanks to Dr. R. Newman, CL. He was a God-sent angel in a time of great need. ALL content on this site is informational in nature and is not to be taken as medically or scientifically proven.

The  ideas and opinions of the owner and others are expressed throughout and are not offered as medical advice for the treatment  or cure of any disease. No guarantee on effectiveness is offered. Please consult a licensed physician for any medical problem. Educate yourself before making a purchase. It's easy to be motivated by desperation rather than information We believe in self-responsibility, for ourselves and our clients. The  decisions about your health belong to you. We would rather you not purchase from us if you expect a  "miracle". Miracles can happen, but we don't sell them here.

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