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Products that kill the bacteria have an antibiotic action, damaging the environment of the mouth. More than 85 percent of dogs and cats show signs of oral disease by age four, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society. "Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria from the mouth form on the teeth in a substance called plaque. The plaque makes it’s way under the gum line and sets in motion a vicious circle, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. The bacteria in the sub gingival plaque will secrete toxins. These toxins damage the periodontal tissues and can decrease the attachment. However, the bacteria will also elicit an inflammatory response from the animal’s gingival tissues.

White blood cells and other inflammatory mediators will leak out of the periodontal tissues and into the periodontal space (between the gum or bone and the tooth). The white blood cells will release their enzymes to destroy the bacterial invaders, but will also damage the attachment of the tooth. As this progresses, the pocket will get deeper and deeper. This will weaken the bone in the area, and if it is in the lower jaw it can weaken it to the point of causing a pathologic fracture. This is most common in older small breed dogs. The end stage of this disease is tooth loss; however the disease has caused problems well before this. The inflammation in the gingiva that allows the body’s defenses to attack the invaders also allows those invaders to gain access to the body.

The bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and be carried to the bodies. Studies have shown that these bacteria will be filtered out by the kidney and liver, and can cause micro abscesses on these organs. This leads to a decrease in function of these vital organs over time. In addition, it has been suggested that these bacteria can become attached to the heart valves and cause a disease called endocarditis. In addition, the body must deal with these bacteria on a daily basis, leading to a state of chronic disease".

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